Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 days raw

Today is my 10th day on only raw food, except for cooked potato which i added after 5 days, ie only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds & natural oils. The hardest thing is boredom and lack of variety, also having extra time on my hands. Raw food doesn't take long to prepare at all, 10minutes for a smoothie, the same amount of time for a salad. My favourite things are desserts and raw chocolate which I made myself. Unbelievably decadent and yet good for you! If i had a dehydrator I would be able to make much more of a range of foods, still working on that one. After the first few "detoxing" days (headaches, cold chills, extra tiredness) I started feeling really good and needing less sleep. I've started taking supergreens powder, also i'm doing a parasite cleanse, which can't hurt, which will be followed by a kidney cleanse and then a liver flush. Fun fun :) looking forward to getting all the noxious chemicals out of my body, thats what happens when you work in a paint lab for 3yrs.

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