Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The end of the rainbow

I saw a rainbow on my way to work the other day (new job, different scene, a lot more fog) and the thought that flashed into my head was "One more year" one more year at least til the second coming. Its the main sign that stands out in my mind from numerous lessons about the second coming. I think signs and wonders in the heavens was another one. I'm not sure exactly where in the scriptures it says that there will be no rainbows before the second coming (does that mean there will be no rain?) or if it was just an idea that someone came up with from their own interpretation of the scriptures. I had a quick look, but couldn't find anything in the topical guide.

In seventh form physics we made rainbows using hoses out in the school courtyard and made the observation that a rainbow would only appear (above and around the water stream) while you were facing away from the sun.

A rainbow is caused by the refraction of light which have been split according to their varying wavelengths, since all different colours have different wavelengths and vibrate at different speeds. Crystals will also refract light and split them into their individual colours. Speaking of which, I think they should take out the colour Indigo. Nobody really knows what it is. If asked, i would guess its like a dark blue verging on purple. There may as well be 6 colours in the rainbow.

I really like double rainbows. They're a rare commodity, but very lovely. I tried to take a photo of one once, but it turned out terribly. But i did notice that the colours on one were reversed. VIBGYOR instead of ROYGBIV

So i wonder if the scriptures when describing the state of no more rainbows, if its only referring to rainbows in the sky or ones you can make at home, with crystals or like the physics example referred to above.

I dislike the thought of no more rainbows. They light up the sky so beautifully.

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