Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Observing children

It was my nephews 4th birthday a few days ago. It makes me feel old. He doesn't look that much older, but he is definately getting smarter. Its so funny seeing a kid that could only give you a yes or no answer not long ago, now coming out with full sentences and saying astonishing things.

Hes very eagerly awaiting the soon to be arrival of his little brother (he did initially say it was a girl but they had the scan recently, and its a boy). I don't think he realizes his brother won't be able to play with him for at least a couple of years - he'll be at school making new friends, and his brother will be at home demolishing his stuff. Hilarious. I don't think anyone wants to upset his anticipation by mentioning any of this to him, I certainly don't.

I just really like seeing the stages of his progression and observing him learning new things. And now I wonder, maybe thats how God feels about us? Delighting when we learn new things or good things happen to us, and feeling for us when we fall down.

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