Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Here at last!

Well I guess its quite early now, NZ time, but here in Rome its just starting to get dark. Wow!! I can't believe I'm here - even though I'd been planning my trip for over a year now there was always just a tiny part of me that wasn't 100% sure that all would be well. Still extremely jet lagged & over tired -hopefully will get a good sleep tonight coz Rome is so beautiful!! I was dozing off in the van on the way to our hostel & was startled awake when we drove past the Colosseum - all massive & broken and stunning.

We have been accosted lots today - people selling selfie sticks everywhere! Also HOHO (hop on hop off) bus tours there must be about 5 different ones running, all different colours. We ended up getting the pink one, coz the man selling it was so agressive he kept following us around until we agreed to come back after stopping in at the supermarket.

Going shopping here is crazy they have the same food as us but so much crazy cheaper! like yum Emmentaler cheese I got a whole block for less than 2 euros, 1.5L bottled water for 40c (except I accidentally bought the fizzy one urgggh won't be making that mistake again) and glorious Lindt swiss chocolate for like 1.50E...hmm weird that I'm using an italian keyboard and yet they have no symbol on here for the euro. The dollar sign and the pound yes.

We did a quick afternoon tour around seeing all the main sights from a distance - so stunning! just wow. So many ancient buildings, like the place where all the Caesars lived, I've forgotten the name of it. And the Circus maximus which kind of just looks like a field. Apparently the Trevi fountain is currently undergoing maintenance which Im a bit sad about coz I was looking forward to seeing that. We went past St Peters basilica at the Vatican, it is massive. We have booked to go there tomorrow to look around, should be good.

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