Friday, February 25, 2011

What I need

On the phone to a friend overseas the other day and she was telling me about a counselling course she'd done over the weekend. It was very interesting. She called it an 'element based idealogy.' The human being made up of four parts, each connected with an element, mental-air, physical-earth, emotional-water, spiritual-fire (a transformative element).

She said if something is wrong with any of these it creates an imbalance in the body. To fix it you find out what each part needs. They had done an exercise where they sat on the ground (to centre themselves) took several deep breaths, cleared their minds and asked "What does my physical self need?" then drawn the first image that came to mind.

It sounded intriguing, so i got her to talk me through it. The first image that came to my mind was water rippling above my head, like i was lying on the floor of a pool looking up. It seemed so blurry and not understandable that at first i disregarded it, but then drew it anyway.

She said "Now ask what that is telling you that you need."
I thought about the rocking sensation of moving water and thought relaxation could be the answer. My next thought was of a bath. I told her that. She said well go give your body what it needs. She said if i did that exercise at any other time I would probably come up with a different answer.

I meant to also ask my mental, emotional and spiritual selves what they needed, but then I got reading this book instead.

Funny that a lot of the books I've been reading lately have been about people on spiritual journeys - Brida by Paulo Coelho, Dan Browns the Lost Symbol and one i came across at Whitcoulls the other day.

I subsequently discovered my local library had a copy - the Life Codes by Patty Harpenau. This latest one is amazing, it is blowing me away and i'm only halfway through it. I seriously think its one of the best inspirational books I've ever come across - and I've read a lot of motivational mumbo jumbo in my life time. No doubt future blog posts will be dedicated to the things I am reading in this book.

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