Friday, September 30, 2011

Detoxing & the Spirit

So I had a realization a few days ago about the reason why I love detoxing so much (despite people around me & their detrimental comments). I was talking to my flatmate who recently completely 7 days on the Lemon diet aka Master Cleanse where you pretty much just have drinks containing maple syrup, cayenne pepper & lemon juice for the whole time. You’re also allowed herbal tea whenever you want. She said that she noticed during the cleanse how calm & peaceful she felt, things didn’t bug her like they normally would.

That got me thinking along the same lines – I usually also feel really light, peaceful and spiritual whenever I’m doing a cleanse. Its as though eating only natural wholefoods and getting rid of toxins out of my system (usually in the first 3 days which are always the most painful) makes me feel more in tune with the spirit or with higher energies. It was especially noticeable after the two weeks when I went back to eating normal food. I was driving home and somebody on the road did something that annoyed me and I started yelling at them in my car (probably they couldn’t hear me, but it did make me feel better) and I realized that I hadn’t gotten road ragey like that for the whole time I was doing the cleanse.

So aside from the health and weight loss benefits of eating whole foods and detoxing, there are definitely spiritual elements to the whole thing, which makes me think of the promises for those who follow principles of health and wellbeing contained at the end of the Word of Wisdom, Doctrine & Covenants 89 – And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures, and shall run and not be weary and shall walk and not faint.

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