Friday, November 11, 2011

Spiritual Lessons

I was at the library looking for a book recommended to me by one of my friends, "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay. All the copies were out, so i had to reserve one. I ended up picking up two other books from the same author, one Im currently reading which is different peoples spiritual lessons that they have learnt, either from their own experiences or stories that other people have told them. I was amazed at the authors recounting her own horrific childhood experiences. It seems that she really did take the bitter pill of her own childhood and turn it into something beautiful which has helped many other people.

The other book of hers i grabbed was daily meditations. In the front it said to close your eyes, open to a page and that will be the thing you need for that day. It amazed me because I did it and it talked about cleaning up your house, getting rid of old clothes and yuck food from your fridge. That morning before getting to the library I had gone through my clothes and taken out some things and put in a bag to drop off at the clothes bin, and I had cleaned my stuff out of the fridge a few days before when I was shifting house. Every day since then I've opened that little book and been surprised and delighted by the messages that its given me, which usually feel totally pertinent to what I've been experiencing that day.

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