Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well, its been ages since I wrote anything on here, and I can't even claim lack of internet access as an excuse. Go through phases of not feeling like writing, and feeling like writing. Last week I was horribly sick. The several weeks before that I've been going through a very reflective remembering phase. I was creating some digital photo books online of the last 7 or so years of my life, and in order to remember what I had actually been doing during that time I went back through and read a bunch of my old journals. Strange to find out the different ways that I had been thinking about life in general and the way that it differs to how I feel now. Even stranger is reading about people I interacted with, who I can barely remember now. Just goes to show that we don't always remember the things we think we're going to remember later on. What i have realized, is that the years that are easier to remember are the years when i had emotional upheavals, such as falling for someone, or getting my heart broken, my best friends leaving me to go get married and so on. Reading back on how I felt at that time & having all those emotions come back has been quite heart wrenching. It has put me in a mood to not write very much. I also am gutted about all the photos I lost when my hard drive crashed last year. The better part of 3yrs photos, all gone, just like that. I went on facebook to see if i could retrieve some, discovering very quickly that of all my friends, I am the recorder of information. Half the photos on their facebook pages, are ones that I put there. So pretty much, if I don't have it, nobody does. I'm just going to have to not worry about it.

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