Monday, March 30, 2009

Ask & ye shall receive

The pH miracle, by Robert Young. A descendant of Brigham Young from Utah, Robert is a microbiologist who somehow figured out (I guess from looking in his microscope and doing live blood analysis) that poor health is caused by overly acidic physical environment in the body which allows fungus, microforms (molds) and parasites to flourish. These little monsters then take over the body, sucking nutrients out of ones food supply and spewing out more toxins, killing good bacteria and causing a person to have sugar addictions, fatigue, gas, heartburn, bloating, intestinal pain etc. Mostly acidic conditions are caused by eating too much processed food, meat, dairy, also by negativity, stress and trauma. In order to get rid of these poisonous invaders, he recommends creating an alkaline environment in the body through eating vegetables, esp. green and yellow ones, drinking green vegetable juices, powders, supplements and oils. Not too sure whether i agree on the supplements issue, i'm 95% sure that i don't believe in supplements. The remaining 5% is my attempt to be open minded on the topic. I also love fruit too much to get rid of it entirely. He reckons that any sugar, including fruit only encourages microform growth. Since a plan seems to be in order, I'm going to try out his diet in baby steps. For the next 2 weeks i'm going to try 3 things. 1) I will add 1tsp of "Supergreen" powder to at least half of the water I drink per day, at least until it runs out. My thinking on powders runs along similar lines to my view on supplements, fresh and natural is better. 2) I will have at least 1c green juice 3x per week 3) I will gradually decrease the amount of fruit I eat each day. Will see how I feel after that and make any adjustments I feel necessary. 2)

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