Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sydney Aquarium

I went to the Sydney aquarium in Darling Harbour yesterday. It was a very very long walk on a very hot day but i got to learn about dugongs, sort of like a sea cow. I'd never heard of them before. Funny looking creatures. They eat about 120 heads of lettuce each per day (theres 2 of them) and they're an endangered species, owing to their natural food source (sea grass) being destroyed by multiple types of fishing, trawling and digging up sand for land reclamation projects.

The thought is that the myths of mermaid sirens luring sailors to their deaths in days of yore is based on sightings of the dugong in the past.

I also got to go on a glass bottom boat in an overheated aquarium pool to watch all the fish and sharks directly underneath us. During the 5 hours we were there, i took over 500 photos, mostly because my camera wasn't coping so well with the dim lighting conditions and fast fishy movements. My favourite fishes were the ones off Finding Nemo. The blue tang (Dory) and the clown fish and the one called Gill. Also the cute little sea horses and this freaky big blue fish with a huge eye that swivelled around til he was looking at all of us.

I wonder what fish see when they look out of through the aquarium glass. My friend says nothing can beat the 7 Seas aquarium in Osaka Japan, so I guess i'll have to go see that one some day. And after such a delightful day viewing Gods underwater creations, what did we have for dinner? Fish and chips. Yum.

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