Monday, May 10, 2010

Switching tracks

So one minute life is progressing along in one direction, and the next its switched in a totally different direction. A detour which i didn't see coming at all. I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with gratitude, owing to a prior experience I had.

I had a sucky boring job that was not fun and not going anywhere, just passing the time really. Into my head popped the bright idea of "counting my blessings" ie coming up with good things about it. I managed it. And within two weeks i had a better job. I didn't even ask for something better, it just came along when i stopped being fixated with how bad the other job was.

That was the first inkling that i remember having that there might be something to this whole idea of being grateful. Its as if looking at the good things, pours more good things into your life. Like presents from a smiling heavenly father.

I can't claim to know how it works, I have just seen it work, again, recently.

I was on an extra shift and I ran into a workmate who I don't normally see (shes on a different roster pattern to me) and she asked if i'd seen this job advert for a position at the airport in my home town. I actually hadn't. But since she'd mentioned it to me, I thought i'd check it out.

The next day I redid in CV and applied. Forgot about it til a week later when the recruitment lady called me for an interview. Did that. Forgot about it til the end of that week when she called and said i'd been shortlisted. Only then did i start thinking about all the things I actually like about where i'm living now, and I was surprised that the list was at least as big as all the benefits of moving back.

A few days ago she called again, to say they want to offer me the job and can I start asap. I called my team leader and she called me back the next day to say i'm finishing up in 2wks and can i have a minute to think about it pls? No? Ok so i have 1week after I get back from holiday to pack up my life (again) and transfer everything and start all over again. Only its not really starting again because I came from there? Right? We'll see.

And what was the point of me being in Auckland anyway? Was there a point? Now I'm not so sure. I thought I knew why i was going there when i moved, but that reason seemed to disintegrate before my eyes, so chances are that its a good thing I'm going back to where I'm usually happier anyway.

This post all looks like random psychobabble. But its weird that after months of trying to decide whether or not I liked Auckland, I think I might actually be sad to go.

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