Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My 10 favourite feelings

In no particular order:

The “aha!” moment
When your mind clicks and your heart resonates and you just know something is right, because you can feel it

The elusive, hard to describe soul-filling feeling akin to elation but not that. I myself have experienced it only twice in my life.

Peaceful calm – inner and outer, like when I was at my yoga retreat last year. We were in a beautiful wooden house and the lounge was shaped like a hexagon with windows all around four sides. The house was surrounded by bush with a view of the ocean, with no tv, no radios, no cellphone coverage, so quiet. We meditated a lot. It was bliss.

Wonder and delight at a new human being – watching them see the world for the first time, and finding joy in their experiences.

Laughing with friends at private jokes and secrets that nobody else understands

Feeling special and loved (my mission farewell, I never heard so many nice things about myself in my life).

Falling for someone.

Mass enthusiasm – the high of being surrounded by people who are happy and cheering. I figure being a spectator at a sporting event could be like that, but my most memorable experience of it was at a Tony Robbins conference in Sydney. At the beginning of each session they had dancers and music and do everything they can to get everyone hyped up, moving and feeling good. I’ve never seen or felt anything like it in my life. The excitement was infectious.

When you put pen to paper and feel like what you’re writing is not so much coming from you but through you, like an unseen being from an invisible world is guiding your creation.

Seeing something greater than myself that evokes humility and admiration.

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