Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just went back through my blog posts of the last 3yrs or so which was quite interesting to me, and it amazes me how much I talked about food and detoxing over that time.

I have been feeling quite good in general since summer started properly (over the last 2wks) and the sun has been out. I've gotten burnt a few times and been to the beach a few times, just in little short spurts, its been great.

Have had a pedometer on my hip since October, have been aiming for 10,000 steps per day, some days I make it, some I don't. Some days I've made 20,000 steps. The saturday before last I went to do the Tongariro crossing with my aunty and friend. We got a quarter of the way up before we had to turn back due to gale force winds and my aunty hurting her ankle. And to be truthful, I think I would have had hypothermia if i had continued since it had been raining all morning and my back was soaked. I would like to go back another time and finish the walk properly though.

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