Saturday, December 20, 2008

Light & Truth part 3

This part is less related to the previous 2 posts, more of an off shoot in my thinking with regards to the duality principle - taking something into your mind and heart at the same time. We read that the spirit confirms things in our mind and heart, meaning logically and emotionally, which is good because some people are more thinkers and others are more guided by their feelings. This next part is about taking it all in at once. One of my favourite things is trying to see patterns in the whole and comparing it with my other previous understandings and knowledge to see how it fits, like taking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and turning them around and around until they make sense with everything else I know. Knowledge and comprehension in any field of endeavour comes not by knowing facts and truths, but by perceiving patterns set up by those facts, and wholly understanding them in both mind and heart. In the french language (and other roman languages) there are two ways of translating the english verb "to know". Savoir, is to know something mentally, like facts or information, theory. Connaitre means to know something on a much more personal and intimate level. (I feel like I may have mentioned this before but I can't quite remember when) Before going to France I had read about it, learned about it, seen pictures and videos, and met people from that country. It gave me a desire to actually "know" the country. It wasn't until I went and lived there, met the people, walked the streets, saw, heard, smelled and touched, that I could say, "Oui, je CONNAIS la France." (Yes, I know France). When we begin to see patterns and connections in life, in our readings, our personal insight increases and we begin to see those patterns in effect throughout the scriptures. Sometimes it comes one agonizing piece at a time (and is usually treasured more highly for it), other times it comes in a streaming flow of information hard to grasp hold of.

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