Saturday, February 14, 2009

Genetics vs Upbringing

So I look nothing like my dad. Or so I thought my whole life, being told that I looked like my mum continuously, I think this was owing to the whiteness of my skin. Coz i don't really look that much like her otherwise. At least in my own opinion. She has blue eyes, mine are green/hazel. Similar hair colour. And skin tone. Dad is a lot darker than me (see above). Then i went to a friends wedding in australia. Met a friend of her family who turned out to have known my parents quite well when they were newly weds. Was just chatting away to him, when he asked me my last name. I responded, as you do. He listed my dads first names and asked if I was related to him. Yes thats my dad but i don't look anything like him. Well actually you do, definately could tell you're his daughter in the face and the facial expressions. First time I'd ever heard that in my life. But i do wonder, am I more like him because I have half his genes? Or is it because he raised me and I unconsciously began to mimick him as a child? Everyone asks me and my twin sister if we have a telepathic connection, finishing off each others sentences and the like, being twins and all. Occasionally we do, but no more so than we do with our brother, which i attribute to growing up together and watching the same movies and tv shows, laughing at the same things, stuff along those lines. I guess my point, if i have one, sometimes i just like to waffle along in pursuit of a point, is that if i hadn't grown up with my dad and we turned out to have similar traits, then it would be solely attributable to genetic influences, i think. But if you grow up with someone and spend enough time with them, chances are that its upbringing/environment. Thats not much of a point, but it will have to do for now.

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