Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Doctrine of the Human Body part 1

There are certain numbers which stand out a lot in the scriptures, 3, 7 and 12 for example being associated with divinity, natural order, tribes and leadership. But many of these can also be associated with our body, in itself a divinely created instrument.

Certain ancient civilisations linked these up, in the creation of sacred meals eg pulse. Those foods growing in the heavens were for the uppermost part of our body eg citrus fruit, avocados, apples, nuts; those foods growing on the surface of the earth for the centre of our body eg tomatoes, grains, grapes, legumes, broccoli, and foods growing under the earth for the lower part of our body eg onions, carrots, potatoes, ginseng.

Celestial Realm: the Sun - the Throat to the Crown of the Head
Upper Rooms: The heavens
1st heaven = Chin to nose, the tongue being the sword of truth, the larynx being the trumpet of God
2nd heaven = Nose to brow, the 2 councillors (eyes) 2nd sight
3rd heaven = Brow to crown of the head, the President, the 3rd or minds eye
7 Holes of the Head (count them!) 7 Presidents/Elders (El meaning deity, der meaning door) the Holy of Holies
12 Cranial bones = 12 apostles, tribes, sons of Israel, or months of the year

Terrestrial Realm: the Moon - the Throad to the Navel
Main Floor: The constitution
Bishop = The Heart (Pulse of the members of the body)
Bishops storehouse = stomach (Receiver of tithes and offerings)
Giver of gifts = Bowel (bow: promise and el: deity)
Deacons = 2 quorums of 12 = 24 ribs, Protectors of physical needs

Telestial: the stars - Feet to Navel
Basement : Creation
Womb of creation/resurrection
Straight and narrow way
Altar of Incense

The human body is sacred and precious. It is a gift to use while we are here, travelling through space and time, to perform a work for cosmic purposes of intelligence, light and joy forever, worlds without end.

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