Sunday, October 25, 2009


I had a week off work recently. I was planning to go visit Fiji, but with multiple earthquake/tsunami warnings in the pacific over the past month, I changed my mind. I ended up back in my home town for a week. It was the best thing I could have done.

As i arrived at my one year anniversary of my current job, I reflected on how I actually feel about my job. In some ways I like it, and it gets me out of my normal comfort zone, meeting people, getting to travel cheaply being my favourite perk. But auckland still doesn't feel like home.

What makes a place home? Is it the place you lay your head on a daily basis, is it where you know people. For me its a sense of belonging, and a place where family are. The funny thing is, my hometown doesn't seem like the place where I need to be. Its like im in a strange sort of limbo, with my hometown not being the place where i need to be, and my current town not being the place I want to be.

Its my own fault really. I haven't given auckland a chance. A year here and I still hardly know anybody. Most of my spare time I'm either back visiting my family or catching up on sleep from crazy shift hours. If i knew people here, it would make living here alot more pleasant, but socializing requires alot of time and energy. I would have to make it much more of a priority. The iridologist was right, I think too much.

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