Monday, December 7, 2009

Travelling and Joy

So i wanted to go to rarotonga this month but i looked at how much i spent in nelson and sydney recently and decided i better wait and save up before embarking on any more overseas travel. Such a pity because summer really is the best time to go anywhere and enjoy the sun. My sister thinks i should use my money and get a better laptop. I said i don't need a better laptop because i hardly ever use it anyway.

If i was going to buy something it would be a thermomix, which is $1940 australian but totally worth it in my mind. Its like the ultimate food processor. It comes from Switzerland, the home of the best things, it can weigh food, process food, grind wheat, blend anything, operates at 50000rpm (as good as a vitamix blender i would say, which is what i've been lusting after ever since i found out about them) and it can pressure cook food. Like rice risotto. Unfortunately they don't sell them in NZ i would have to go back to Oz to get one.

But really, i think life is about experiences, and learning from the things that you do. For me my favourite experiences so far in my life involve going places, meeting people, and doing things. Doing these 3 things on a regular basis are what makes me happy, and thats where i would want to put my money.

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