Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anger Turned Inward

I read something recently about rage being anger turned outward, and depression being anger turned inward. A lot of people around me are depressed at the moment, and I've found myself feeling really down at times lately. Sometimes i think its sun related. Our bodies need sunshine to be able to produce vitamin D, which apparently aids in mood improvement. Some say its an internal chemical thing. One of my friends watched some tv documentary about how high levels of Niacin Vitamin B3 can assist people trapped in depression. It also flushes out your body and pushes blood out to your skin causing a red rashlike reaction. One of my friends experienced this rush when she first tried it. 2000mg of niacin and she thought she was dying. But it worked, and her moods improved and she was able to start coping with life. But i'm sure the answer must be different for everyone.

I went to a psychic the other day with one of my friends, and she let me play with her angel cards, shuffle them, pull a few out and see what they say. They told me i should get fresh air, cleanse and detox my body, engage in service and find joy. Those seemed like really common sense things, so i started looking for ways to do them. Hence the detox. Today is day 7. I feel good.

She also told me where my true path lies (in a field i'd never seriously considered before), told me i need to get my eating right, and told me someone needs to come into my life before the eating right can happen. Kind of spooky since the second one was something i'd been considering quite intensely in the days before i met her. But then decisions in life can always draw people together or apart.

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