Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughts on birthdays

For my birthday this year I decided to not want or expect anything. I tend to resent the fact that I have to not only share my birthday with Christmas and all the hoop-la that goes with it, but also with my twin sister. I don’t begrudge her her birthday, just the fact that I have to share mine. It would have been awesome if the doctor who delivered us hadn’t insisted on making sure we were born on the same day – since all the clocks in the hospital were on a different time and I was only born 15 minutes before midnight, with my sister 9 minutes before that, it would have been easy to find a room with a clock that would give us our own separate birthdays (and still be twins.)

Granted, it wouldn’t have been easy growing up and trying to explain to all the people (who never believed us anyway) how I could have a twin I looked nothing like and be born on different days (are you still a twin if you’re non identical and born on different days?- what a curious line of thought) they used to ask us, or rather tell us that we didn’t even look like sisters, and that since we had the same last name maybe we might be cousins.

One thing it did teach me growing up was 1) the stupidity and rudeness of people to call you a liar to your face and 2) it doesn’t particular matter what anybody else thinks since I’m usually right, and I know what I’m talking about.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine recently about “what impresses you.” She’s been trying to convince me to move to Oz and marry someone there. I told her that I don’t find intelligence impressive, since I’m already super intelligent and therefore I don’t think that highly of it. She thought I was being up myself, but I wasn’t, I was being factual. Actually I think God gave me lots of flaws to keep me humble – like poor short term memory, lack of awareness & common sense, and inability to read non verbal cues. She is also highly intelligent but she is very impressed by smart people. I said I’m more impressed by strength of character and good traits like confidence, humility and kindness. I like mental stimulation as much as the next person with a high IQ but I guess the CCNZ theme sunk into my subconscious “Character is higher than intelligence.” Didn’t stop me getting Dux though.

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