Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clothes Shopping

This morning I went opshopping. One of my workmates let me know a few months ago about a place she'd been to and I finally decided to check it out. I dragged one of my other workmates along with me. Shopping is always a good female bonding experience. I hate shopping, especially clothes shopping and most especially shoe shopping (I won't go into the many traumatic experiences I've had), but the socialising usually makes up for it.

I tried on about 20 different items, most of which were completely unsuitable for my size and shape. To start with, I'm not a good judge of what will fit me and what won't, and knowing what will look good is another story entirely. I usually only take one of two people shopping, but they both now live in another city and can't help me.

Womans clothes: masses of frills, lace and drapery, overdone 90% of the time, non-functional 70% of the time, occasionally pretty, other times hideous, not fitting in one way or another 97% of the time. Tops, cardigans, jerseys, pullovers, singlets, dresses, skirts, tights, pants, jeans, halter-necks, retro-tops, caftans, lavalava's, shorts...

Guys clothes seem much easier to work with. Pants, a top, a sweatshirt.

I finally chose a dark pink jacket that I really really like and a pair of plain black shoes for work. 4 hours and only two things to show for it. Its time to go home for a nap I think

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