Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Theres nothing like a holiday to make you feel better about life, and the anticipation is often better than the actual experience. I read an article from the nzherald a couple of weeks ago about how much more productive people are at work when they have a holiday to look forward to and how travel agents had said that people were planning trips even as they headed back to work after new years.

In exactly one month i will be checking in at the airport for a 2week vacation to the east island. Ideally i would much prefer to go to Tahiti, Fiji or Vanuatu than the sauna that is australia, but since my sister decided to take my nephew to the gold coast for his second birthday, and i missed his first birthday while i was in oz, i really didn't have much choice.

I don't know that i've been more productive at work while planning this trip but i am really looking forward to getting away from everything even just for a little while.

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