Thursday, May 28, 2015

Loving London

Yesterday, I got to see the Queen!!! I was quite excited about that, since I was just there to see the Changing of the Guard at 11:30am but I was told to arrive early. When I arrived there were masses of people all lining the road from Buckingham Palace, I didnt have a clue what was going on, lots of cops everywhere too. People about 4 deep back, I tried to find a spot with some shorter people so I could look over their heads (sometimes it helps to be tall-ish). And then a bunch of cavalry went by and then next thing you know theres a beautiful carriage with Prince Philip and a lady on the other side, I sort of glimpsed her but not properly, then some more carriages but not as fancy, then Princess Anne. Not sure who else was in there but it was quite exciting.

Found out later it was for the Opening of Parliament and the Queens speech. We found out from the cop she was coming back in about an hour so I waited out in the sun for probably an hour and a half to get a look at her coming back on my side. Heaps of people left during that time so I got right up to the railing. It was funny coz I spent nearly the whole time listen to this aussie lady growl her husband about missing the shot when the Queen went past and about how she had to have a photo of the queen if she was gonna be in London. So about an hour later she went past and I got quite a good photo of her and her carriage though u can barely make her out. I was really happy when I walked off then I heard someone say Prince Charles was going up (but a few mins later) but I guess Im not that fussed about seeing him. I was so elated I ended up giving money to a strange little old english lady who said she was collecting For the Children, so after I walked away I got thinking that doesn't sound like any charity Ive ever heard. Oh well it was a good day. Off to Brussels today then Amsterdam tomorrow then fly home sunday.

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