Thursday, June 18, 2009

and joy cometh in the morning

Journal found, crisis averted. Mum kept telling me to look in one place in particular, but would I listen to her? Not really. Turns out she was right. But I truly did think I had looked in the place where she told me, but it was more of a category. In my scrapbooking stuff?

Seriously ma, do you know how much stuff I have. I haven’t really used it lately, but that’s not the point. I thought I’d already looked in that bag, until this morning when I was pulling my suitcase off the top of my wardrobe. I just happened to decide to look in that particular bag at the same time, since it was in the same place, might as well. And there it was, my journal with a photo of me and my name plastered on the front cover. I don’t always do the photo thing, and I usually don’t put pictures of me, I put ones of my family and friends, then I get to look and remember them on a regular basis. I haven’t much felt like writing since I lost it. Now I feel much better and my writers block seems to be over.

Lesson one: Don’t leave my journal in obscure places or I will think that I’ve lost it and mentally revert to a worst case scenario – someones stolen and read it and plans to humiliate or blackmail me! Maybe I should go back to writing in French.
Lesson two: Mums are always right. I can’t believe my journal was in my room with me that whole time, hiding from me, far out.

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