Wednesday, June 10, 2009


They say you get back what you send out. Or something along those lines. Had a weird experience today. I went to a customer service course yesterday where we learned about EQ, being polite and friendly, and dealing with difficult customers. At one point we had to do a role play where a customer was angry and we had to use the PEACE model to resolve their difficulties. My group was picked to do the "bad" example. We had a customer arrive after the check in had closed and beg us to let them on the flight (even though we don't have authority to do that). My job was just to be really rude. I tried to think of phrases I've wanted to use in the past but haven't, but my mind went blank.

The first passengers I checked in today arrived after the checkin had closed and I thought it was so weird that that was the roleplay I had done yesterday was the first thing to happen to me. I don't know if karma is the right word. Deja vu maybe. I genuinely felt sorry for them though, becuase they had actually arrived on time, waited in the queue, went to check in, got sent away to repack their bags and came back into the line only to find out that the flight had closed while they were away. There were some trainees on today so they probably stuffed up because they don't know what they're doing, they should have checked the couple in without bags and added the bags later.

After me telling them for 10 minutes that I couldn't get them on the flight and them requesting to talk to someone higher up, one of the team managers finally overheard, listened to their story and offered to take them over to ticketing and see if they could get any rebooking fees waived. So that was a good outcome in the end.

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