Saturday, June 20, 2009


Had to go on a course for work the other day all about customer service and dealing with difficult situations. Emotional Intelligence, making peace and resolving issues. Had a lot of problems to deal with for some reason, more than usual. Had one man arrive just after a couple that took forever and say to me "dont worry, I'll only be a few minutes." Half an hour later, he was still at my counter waiting for a printout of his itinerary to arrive. If you're travelling into any of the pacific islands, you have to have a copy of your ticket out of the country, unless you're
a national of that country.

For some reason i can have a lot of people harass me and cause me stress and it doesn't really affect me at all, but then there can just be that one person that pushes me over the edge. I checked in a young mother with two little girls, she seemed really nice, until I had to go to my supervisor to get her seat changed so that she was sitting with her daughters.

When I got back and handed her boarding passes to her she turned weird, slamming stuff down and scowling. I went to tag her baby seat so she could take it to the fragile counter and she started muttering about how she was never going to bring a car seat ever again. Then when I went to tag it she yanked it off me while I was still putting the tag on, nearly making me fall across the luggage belt. Then she snapped at her daughter telling her she had to wait because the lady was taking forever.

4 hours later she's still in my head, bugging me. I know I should just let it go - if someone abuses you its like a gift that you can accept or not, according to a proverb story I read recently. I tried to imagine the situation from her point of view, having to wait for the seats to be changed while her 2 and 4yr olds screamed and jumped around her feet, and being stressed about it all. Sometimes that helps me to feel better, when I can empathise from someone elses point of view, but today not. I really can't see it from her point of view. Maybe my sister can help me, she's travelled on a plane with a small baby, she didn't have a good experience at all.

Still waiting for the conclusion on this one.

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