Saturday, March 6, 2010

Health and Vitality

Last wednesday my sister and I went to a health seminar hosted by a lecturer from a health company (I think it was called Lifestream). He must have been at least 45 (based on the ages of his kids) but he looked so much younger (late 20's ish).

He started life as a sickly prem baby, overloaded with drugs and medicines that never really helped him. When he was older he went on his own personal mission hunting for something to help him improve his health.

3 things I learnt from him.

The beauty of aloe barbadensis. Aloe vera has been known as a medicine for thousands of years (and after hearing what he had to say I really want to go buy me a plant). If you break off a leaf and peel it like a banana you can slice it up, use some of the gel as a skin toner, then eat the rest which helps your digestive system, apparently. I've never tried it but I want to.

If you're addicted to a food, its whats killing you.
Yep sugar and chocolate, I knew it.

The 4 missing food groups from the western diet (he suggested eating one thing each day from each of these) - something raw (eg fruit or veges), something sprouted, something fermented (eg apple cider vinegar or yoghurt) and something soaked (eg nuts).

By the end of it both my sister and I were convinced we should buy a bottle of aloe vera juice, which most likely we will never use, but I did win a bottle of pysllium fibre which was very cool. And since the point of the seminar I'm sure was to sell stuff, they did pretty well.

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