Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Gold Coast

Today was awesome. I slept in, got up when i felt like it, went out for breakfast at this themed hot air balloon restaurant, went back home for a swim then went out again on a cruise. If I had people staying with me (the ones who were meant to stay with me and bailed out last minute) I would have been much more subject to their whims, desires and needs.

But because it was just me, I could be as completely selfish as i wanted to and do only the things that i wanted to do. It was a great day.

I ended up on a cruise boat named after a whale from "The Spit" up to the Sovereign islands - very flash houses, one with a roof that cost 1.5million dollars, made of titanium apparently. Apparently the owner is a russian chemist. Imagine being rich enough to be able to spend 18 million on a house and land. I wonder what sort of rates he or she would be paying.

We saw an assortment of australian wildlife, including wallabies, moving rocks which turned out to be soldier crabs, and an assortment of hunting birds. The boat was airconditioned with three tiers, and on the top deck was a cover in the shape and size of a whales tail. The crew were really friendly and the commentary was quite entertaining. TBC

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